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Heat Shield

Heat Shielding protects the motorcycle fairing plastic from damage.

You cannot install too much Heat Shield especially if your motorcycle has a large motor or the design of the fairing places the plastic in close prxiemity.
When in doubt install more!!!

When you open your box and go thru all the new fairing pieces your heat shielding is generally attached to the interior of your painted fairing kit.The purpose of the shielding is to absorb or reflect the energy coming from your exhaust or motor that if left unchecked may damage new fairing kit. If you do not see the silvery backed shielding call us immediately and let us know. It is very rare that the shielding would be absent but this is a critical piece of you kit and it installation is imperative to the proper maintenance and protection of your body kit.

Once you have installed your kit it is time to take your motorcycle for a test drive. Make a final inspection of the heat shield and let er rip. Once the motor starts to heat up make sure the the area containing the heat shield is not getting overly hot. If it is shut the bike down and wait until you can safely remove the fairing and make the proper adjustment.

If everything is fine then a good long test drive is in order.


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