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When To Expect Delivery

Approx 20-24 days after your order is placed

Here is what to expect.

You will receive a detailed confirmation e-mail from usually within a few hours.

All information about your order will be located on this e-mail including an image of the fairing kit if applicable, the free gifts included, your delivery address and all instructions from you.

The purpose of the confirmation e-mail is so that the client, the supplier and the manufacturer all are on the same page.

We will ask you to confirm this confirmation e-mail so there are no mistakes downstream.

You will receive images of your completed kit  in about 12-14 days.

We will ask you to approve the images so that you will have another opportunity to check decals, graphics, paint etc prior to shipment.

Once approved we will box and ship. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours we will call as it is important that everything is correct prior to shipment.

Tracking information is generated and sent to you in 3-4 days

You will receive your fairing kit approx 7-9 days later.

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