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Returns/ Warranty

Don't Like Your Kit? Just Return It For Full 100% Refund. Just let us know within 48 hours of delivery. 

Customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Not valid on customized fairings.

Not valid if you mount the fairing.

Fairing must be returned in original shipping container and ready for resale.

Fairing Kit is subject to a 25% restocking fee.


Here is the bottom line, you want a quality fairing at a good price and you do not want to deal with the BS that you read about online concerning off-shore companies that either take months to complete and order, don't return e-mails or send kits that are cracked, peeling or so thin they are not safe to ride. You want a company that communicates with you promptly, that returns your call or e-mails in a timely manner and sells you a product you are satisfied with. Custom Cycle Pros is that company.  We have been selling motorcycle fairings and parts for over 15 years and we are not going anywhere. We have a great track record and have many repeat clients including bike builders and Dealerships. We are based in the USA, English is our first language  so if you have a question you can contact us whenever you like. is a USA based supplier of aftermarket fairing kits and painted replacement pieces. All products supplied by are made in off-shore, China, Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore.

There are certain restrictions. Please read our return policy completely.

When you receive your package we urge you to open it and inspect every piece and immediately contact us if you find a problem. By immediately we mean when you receive the kit, that same day if possible. The reason is that manufacturers have been burned too many times by unscrupulous parties that mount their kits and then drop or crash their bikes and claim the kits were delivered damaged. If you receive a kit and it is damaged  and you contact us within 24 hours all we ask is that you send photos so we can show the manufacturer the problem. Most times you are allowed to keep the damaged  piece so you can still ride your motorcycle until you new piece arrives. But the rule is that you must open your kit within 24 hours of receipt and notify Fairing-Kits .com because once you install or mount your fairing or wait multiple days to contact us the warranty for damaged or broken pieces is void. strongly recommends that all fairings be installed by qualified motorcycle mechanics.

Customer has 24 hours after delivery to notify CustomCyclePros/  by e-mail of any problems with their purchase or explain to us why that is not possible to inspect the delivered kit. If you on a trip or away for the weekend we understand but you must notify us in writing within 24 hours of delivery.

All Aftermarket fairings provided by CustomCyclePros are provided “AS IS”. CustomCyclePros is not responsible for slight differences or minor changes from the images customer has selected. These include but are not limited to decal position, coloring differences in the paint, decals, graphics or positioning of graphics/ decals or minor blemishes or scratches in paint or broken or damaged tabs on fairing kits, tank covers, seat fairings, seat cowls, etc.

Should a customer report a damaged or broken tab or non-structural crack which is not visible after mounting, Custom Cycle Pros' only responsibility shall be to send a repair kit.  This does not mean we will not replace the piece it means that it is at our discretion.

“Customized Aftermarket Fairing Kits”
Any consumer ordering a custom fairing set agrees that custom fairing kits are not-returnable for any reason unless approved by Fairing-Kits .com. This includes but is not limited to custom coloring, painting, custom decals. If any change is made on the customer's behalf to modify a fairing kit from the images on our site we will use our best efforts to comply but do not warranty that the fairing kits' final finish shall be as exactly ordered.

If you order a custom kit and should there be a problem we will work with you to resolve the issue. Just because you customize your fairing we still want you to be satisfied and hopefully will tell you friends about us.

Aftermarket Fairings made from compression molding may not provide exact fitment and may require modification during installation. This is especially true if your cycle has been in an accident was modified or altered. Please make sure all brackets and existing supports are properly aligned. Aftermarket fairings may be thinner or thicker than OEM fairings. Aftermarket fairings may have additional mounting holes or it may me necessary to add or enlarge mounting holes to match your existing support system. Cycle Pros Strongly Recommends That Compression Molded Fairings Are Installed By professionals.

Bottom line is that we want you to like your purchase and be a satisfied customer. We want your future business and we will do everything possible to make sure you get the results you want. That being said you must be realistic, you are ordering an aftermarket fairing kit that cost 1/5 of an OEM kit. That does not mean that we do not provide the best aftermarket kits sold but if cannot understand the proper expectations when buying a factory kit for $4,000-$5000 vs. buying and aftermarket kit for $500-$600 you should probably buy the factory kit.

 Also once you order a kit and the manufacturer begins work on your kit you can change your mind or cancel the order but there will be a charge based upon the amount of work the manufacturer has completed. Substantial work begins within 4 hours of order being processed. Prep and base coats can be applied in as little as 8 hours after the order is processed.

If you know what you want order. If your not sure call us. There is 50% charge for any cancellation prior to shipment. There is no refund after fairing kit ships.